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About us

Who are we?

Since 1977, Van Schaften Trucks BV has been one of the largest independent organizations operating worldwide in buying/selling and importing/exporting used trucks, trailers and other heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

Van Schaften Trucks has succeeded over many years in finding companies and private persons. Currently, our company employs 30 enthusiastic service-oriented people with the necessary technical and logistical knowledge. Thanks to our optimal service and reliable networks worldwide, we trade commercial vehicles of all European brands at competitive prices and we can advise and assist you from start to finish with importing/exporting your vehicle. If you engage our services, you will be able to drive your vehicle on the day of purchase!

Van Schaften Trucks BV is your reliable import & export partner of used vehicles as well.

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Why Van Schaften?

As far back as 1977, the world's largest harbour was located just around the corner from us, as well as excellent highways leading to the rest of Europe. Dutch trucks always had and still do have a good reputation: always well maintained and reliable. Just like in the days of old, our founder Johan van Schaften Sr. is still around setting about his work, solving problems and providing extra service.

The same applies to our entire family, which constitutes our enterprise. The atmosphere is informal and the communication lines are short. This is because we work with a relatively small team at Van Schaften Trucks.

By working adamantly and offering additional services, we have increased our effectiveness so much that we can easily purchase and sell even large consignments. In addition, we can really offer something unique to the world: a total package, not only from the aspect of service but also from the aspect of trucks, machines and cranes, including leasing, insurance, handling, logistics, etc.

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Schaften Group

Schaften Group it sounds big and impersonal, but that is not true at all. Regardless of how large we have become, operating worldwide, we retain our atmosphere as a family business.

Schaften Group consists of different parts. This is a conscious decision so that we can provide you the best additional service.

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For more than 36 years, Van Schaften Trucks has been buying, selling, importing and exporting used trucks, tractors, semi-trailers and other large equipment.

Van Schaften Trucks was founded by Johan van Schaften in 1977. And now – more than 36 years later – it is still a close-knitted family business with 30 very service-oriented employees. This is precisely the big plus of Van Schaften Trucks: the service-oriented approach combined with the culture of a close-knitted family business.

Outstanding service

The outstanding service of Van Schaften Trucks is noticeable in all facets. When we sell vehicles, they are checked extensively and delivered in good condition. If transporting the entire vehicle is too costly, Van Schaften Trucks dismantles the vehicle and ships it in parts to the new location. Subsequently, the vehicle is reassembled there.

During the entire process, our employees leave our customers worry-free by guiding them from start to finish. By close cooperation with shipping companies and agents, Van Schaften Trucks always knows exactly where the vehicle is located and when delivery will occur. In addition, we have in-house knowledge about the customs documents, formalities, regulations and import/export restrictions.

You also find this enormous service-orientation and knowledge in our customer base. Most of our customers are of regular customers with whom Van Schaften Trucks maintains a strong relationship. Furthermore, our customer base increases immensely due to this service and knowledge.


Sometimes, it seems as if only yesterday our invoices were written manually or typed later by the bookkeeper when a truck was sold. It is unbelievable how quickly these things have changed.

By now we have grown tremendously and employ 30 very service-oriented people, who have the correct administrative, technical and logistical knowledge to assist our customers in the best way possible. The entire world has become our field of activities.

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